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Ignite Your Mornings Using The Exact Same Neuroscience, NLP & Brain Techniques
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  • The FireMind Morning Audio For Everyday Listening - reprograms your unconscious mind for success and high performance (in digital MP3 format)
  • How To Visualize & Create New Success Habits At Will Using Guided Mental Neuroscience Techniques
  • Step Into Your Highest Potential In Any Situation When You Need To Be On Your Game Every Day

Are You Tired Of Feeling

Stressed From Being

Under Too Much Pressure?

Hey, my name is Andy. This year I decided to release my peak performance mindset systems to the world.

After 18 years of research, you can now get instant access to the "The FireMind Mornings" to become your ultra self.

Finally, you can discover how to retrain your thinking and how to perceive and flow through every area of their business and life, starting with igniting the morning you.

What excites me the most is that it creates INSTANT RESULTS.

I got rid of all the FLUFF out of the Personal Development Industry.

(Seriously that crap drives me crazy!!)

Instead, I've been able to develop the exact systems, techniques and formulas that are backed by neuroscience.

These techniques create immediate change, which means you can gain new perspectives...

New ways to communicate and truthfully a differently wired brain with the ability to stop negative patterns, step into peak states and really become their ultimate world-class self.

Imagine waking up every day feeling refreshed, powerful and ready to tackle any challenge?

Imagine walking into your business knowing that it is growing in the right direction?

Imagine having the power to switch on HIGH confidence in your next meeting, sale or event?

It’s all possible. 

And it's very VERY simple. 

All you have to do is...

Understand a few key factors about the way your body and mind function, simply the first step is to upgrade the programs in your unconscious mind that light up every morning.

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(part of the FireMind Experiment)

This brand new audio experience will instantly drop you into deep alpha waves and start to re-train your neurology, beliefs, focus and drive each and every morning to get your brain firing on all cylinders... like a world class top performer!

Actually, this is more like a "must have" daily ritual because this is the secret key to the most successful athletes, entrepreneurs, sales people and actors in the world. They all use a version of this audio.
  • Bring flow into every area of your business
  • The formula world-champions have used to win the gold
  • Switch your brain on for performance instantly Creativity
  • To Out-Think Your Competition
  • Ignite Your Brain Each Morning To Feel On Fire
  • Evening and sleep system to create brain regeneration
  • How to stop the negative thoughts and step into flow
  • Money Mindset Belief Changed
  • Install The Self Talk Of the Ultimate Multi Millionaire You
  • Blocks in your Business go away
  • Re-train your Nervous System To Be Calm, Happy & Motivated
  • Dramatically Increase your Focus
  • Beliefs about your future gets brighter
  • Reliably Move From Anxiety To Feeling On Fire in 15 Minutes
  • Brain Wave Tech To Easily Move You Into Meditation
  • Clarity on next business idea become easy
  • Self worth as an entrepreneur triples
  • And so much more...

Don't Start Another Morning Without This Peak Performance Audio Program

Don't Start

Another Morning

Without This

Peak Performance

Audio Program

The "FireMind Morning" is like having the keys to your very own brand new luxury super-car...

...and that's because this audio program instantly taps you into the most successful, high performing version of you.

Anytime you desire to tap into your best self, simply press play on this audio and begin to experience the magic.

By the way, this is not some law of attraction magic genie solution. This is scientifically proven to put you into the alpha state and help you to become a world class performer.

Can you imagine the results you will be able to create with this audio program?

How Does This Help You?

How Does This

Help You?

The best in the world use this science for a reason.

This is now a tool you will making sure you use each and every day, if you want to perform at your very best.

This one powerful MP3 will neurologically fire up the brain give you the exact thoughts, feelings, beliefs, confidence, motivation, focus, drive and powerful feeling you must have each morning.

Step 1 - Put in your earbuds in
Step 2 - Press play and let Andy do the rest

You will hear alpha waves which will gently allow your brain to relax and drop into a different brain wave frequency which gives you access to your own software (operating system).

Andy will then guide your unconscious mind on a journey of self-discovery and world-class performance.

This will rapidly become part of your daily routine to get you to feel on fire exactly when you need it most.

Watch your self transform...FAST.

Hurry... Get FireMind Morning

For FREE Today!

Hurry... Get Your

FireMind Morning

For FREE Now!

I'm excited to see you on the inside so we can finally create your breakthrough to freedom together.

Simply click the button above or below to download your copy of the "World Class Performer" now!

Also, by now you might have realized that this WILL help you to transform your life, in the most important aspects to create lasting change.

It's time for you to break free from the old shackles that have held you down. Don't you think so too?

If all I did was help you avoid negative self talk, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid feeling too overwhelmed to start, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid feeling lost in your debt, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid falling off your plan, would it be worth it?

Here's What Others Have To Say

About Andy Murphy

“I can honestly say that Andy has been the single most powerful force directing me toward the life I have always dreamed of. I am still on my path and am steadily, with the tools I continue to learn from him, reaching higher levels of fulfilment in my life.”


“At first I thought Andy had superpowers then I learned NLP is science. I used Andy to get me ready for a big TV shoot I was doing. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get in my own way. The day of the shoot I was calm and confident. I also use his techniques every-time I walk out on stage and it has changed my mental state 100%. If you have ONE big day or Everyday stuff. Andy is your guy.”


“Andy has been a total life saver for me. As my business has been exploding the added stress of managing its growth, new staffing, maintaining a loving family and a healthy lifestyle has been much more of a struggle then I anticipated. Andy gets me grounded, brings my focus back to the important things by putting matters in the proper perspective.”


“I was lucky enough to come across Andy in London at an elite ‘mind programming’ event – of course he would only be found in the latter scene! His unique character and insane Intuitiveness was what led me to want to work with him. He understands peak performance in the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical term. ”


“We all know the importance of “mental training”. However, what differentiates Andy is that he actually provides you with a clear and detailed program on how you can bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be. He has helped me tremendously in improving my athletic performance and presentation skills. If you have the opportunity to work with Andy, I highly recommend it.”


“Having trained and competed at a World Class Level for many years I have found the difference between winning or not, is just as much in the mental side as the physical. If you are not in the perfect mental side you will not win. NLP coaching is what so many of the World champions are using today in sports.”




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